Emotional Mastery: Creating a New Reality from Adoption Trauma to Authentically Thriving

May 31 / Kat Linquist

In the journey of life, few experiences are as profound and complex as Adoption.

The trauma Adoptees experience is deep, and the wounds create emotional scars, but Adoption Trauma doesn't HAVE to DEFINE who you are.  

You are NOT your Trauma.

I'll say it again... You are NOT Your Trauma!

If you choose to embark on the Revolutionary Pathway of creating Emotional Mastery, it is essential to recognize that Adoption didn’t break you

Instead, it forged a strength and a resilient energy within you that is waiting to be harnessed so you can navigate this Pathway to create a different Reality for yourself.

Focus + Energy = Reality

One of the most powerful concepts in the realm of personal growth and Emotional Mastery is the formula: Focus + Energy = Reality.

This principle suggests that where you direct your focus and how you channel your energy profoundly shapes your reality.

It’s a call to shift your attention from trying to fixing what feels broken to actively creating a life that you love.

In March 2024, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  While detected in the very early stages, it covered a large portion of one side.  My medical team recommended a Mastectomy.  

Facing the loss of one breast, I decided to have both removed, to give my body balance and the opportunity to become restructured.  So in April 2024 I received a double Mastectomy.  I am very happy with this choice.

My life and my being is not defined by Breast Cancer, even though my body is radically altered and I have two large scars across my chest. 

I am not just my body.  There is a part of me that is infinitely greater than my body, and this part of me is Focus my Energy on creating an amazing Reality.

In applying this revolutionary formula, you will begin to think, feel, and act differently, as what you choose to focus on starts to become the reality of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

As powerful as this formula is, sometimes trauma patterns prevent you from applying this fully, to receive the tremendous benefits from it.

This is where having a support system, coach, or guide can greatly benefit you, helping you to shift your ingrained patterns, hidden beliefs and habits to being driven by your Authenticity, rather than from your Adoption Trauma. 

Creating a Life You Love

You were born to Live a LIFE you Love.

The Experiences and Circumstances you have lived so far may not feel this way, in fact, you most likely feel the opposite!

Many Adoptees are still in the FOG which keeps them from knowing and believing they deserve to be happy, joyful, fulfilled, and at peace.

Perhaps you are coming out of the FOG, and moving into the Emotional Levels of Hatred, Anger, and Blame.  None of this feels like Love... I know. Having lived most of my life in one form of abuse or another, I did not understand the power of Love I had within me. 

This power of Love is within you as well.

I promise you, Living a Life you Love IS possible.

Whatever you have endured:

Emotional Abuse
Physical or Sexual Abuse
Cancer or other Health issues
Relationship Issues
Work Problems or Challenges

These things do NOT Define you.  They are only reflections of where your Energy Levels are.  Remember the Emotional Scale?  Where you mostly reside vibrationally is reflected in the life experiences you have.

The Pathway of Emotional Mastery helps you focus on creating a life you love, which is a radical shift from the conventional mindset of fixing a life you don’t.  

Most people want to “fix circumstances or people (including themselves) which they believe are broken”. 

It's not about fixing the "symptoms" of a challenging life, it's about getting to the ROOT - the Emotional ROOT of where you are living on the Emotional Scale and shifting your vibrational levels.

It’s about recognizing your innate power to shape your destiny and using your resilience to drive you towards transformation.  

When you focus on what you want to create—rather than what you want to escape—you start to see opportunities where there were once obstacles.

Your energy shifts from a place of Living in the FOG to Living in Possibility.

This shift in focus is the key to unlocking a new reality, one where you are the architect of your happiness.

The Universe is Part of You

Another profound aspect of Emotional Mastery is the understanding that the Universe is NOT separate from you.

Instead, it works with you, aligning both the physical and spiritual parts of you together. This interconnectedness means that your thoughts, emotions, and actions resonate beyond your immediate surroundings, influencing and being influenced by the greater cosmos.


When you embrace the idea that the Universe is part of you, you begin to see how your inner world shapes your outer experience.

Your intentions, beliefs, and desires are not just internal musings; they are powerful forces that interact with the world around you.

This realization empowers you to align your inner state with the life you wish to manifest.

The Authentic YOU, the part of YOU which cannot be "seen", the part of YOU which make you who you REALLY ARE, comes from the Universe. 

Our bodies are flesh and bone, but what makes you human is divine, ethereal, cosmic, and powerful.

From Adoption Trauma to Authentically Thriving

The pathway from Adoption Trauma to Authentically Thriving is not always straightforward. It is like a vortex, revisiting thoughts, feelings, and actions, yet from a different perspective each time you cycle through. 

Emotional Mastery involves acknowledging your past without being defined by it.  This is one of the harder things for Adoptees to recognize. 

You can be an Adoptee, without your Trauma being the Defining Factor of who you are or how you life experiences play out.

It’s about using the formula of Focus + Energy = Reality to shift your perspective and harness your inner strength.

By focusing on creating a life you love and understanding your integral connection with the universe, you can transform trauma into triumph.

You were Born a Powerful Creator.

Choosing the Pathway of Emotional Mastery is a lifelong journey, where you continuously wake up each day and CHOOSE who you ARE and HOW you "show up" in the world.

Are you ready to live your life Authentically Thriving?

Emotional Mastery is indeed a new way of living. It’s a Revolutionary approach that empowers you to Move Beyond Adoption and Thrive.

Look for the Next Series starting soon: Becoming an Authentic Architect: Shaping a New Reality by Moving Beyond Adoption

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