Baby Steps of Emotional Mastery: Beginning Your Journey from Low to High Emotional Vibration

May 27 / Kat Linquist

As Adoptees, our emotional state often feels overwhelmed by low vibrations such as fear, depression, and anger.  Yet, even in these moments, you  can sense the potential for growth and change.  

Your Emotional Mastery journey from low to high emotional vibrations is guided by resilience, self-discovery, and an intentional elevation of your emotional state.

The Journey starts with small steps, acknowledging that progress, not perfection, is your goal. These steps lead you forward, even amidst stumbling and setbacks. Embracing grace in these moments allows you to grow and expand.

At the heart of your journey lies the daily choice to inhabit the highest emotional vibration you can that day. Opting for higher vibrations such as disappointment over anger, frustration over doubt, or contentment over irritation, you shape your path step by step towards fulfillment and purpose.

Starting at the Depths: Acknowledging Where You Are

For many Adoptees, the journey towards emotional mastery begins amidst the lowest vibrations of the Emotional Scale.  Pre-verbal trauma creates emotional stories trying to explain the deeply painful feelings adoption has created. 

The pain of being separated from your biological mother and family is turned into emotional stories of rejection, abandonment, or not being good enough to be "kept".  There must be something wrong with ME.

These emotional stories fuel feelings of grief, depression, and despair which can seem all-encompassing, casting a heavy shroud over your outlook on life.  It can feel like you will never feel anything else.

Yet, even in the depths of despair, there is a glimmer of hope—a recognition that you are capable of transcending your current emotional state.  You are STILL HERE, with a desire to find a way out. 

You don’t need to live in “rock bottom”.  It’s time to begin moving upward. 

Acknowledging wherever you are along the Emotional Scale is the first important baby step so you can know what emotions to move towards next.

The Role of Anger and Frustration

As you navigate the Emotional Scale, anger and frustration often serve as temporary reprieves from the overwhelming tide of the lowest vibration emotions - despair, depression and hopelessness.

While these feelings may provide a brief respite, it's crucial to recognize that they are not destinations but rather stepping stones towards higher vibrational states. 

Baby Steps along the Emotional Scale help you to build resiliency and emotional strength, to know that ALL Emotions are part of our Human Experience.  Accepting that the emotion of Anger (or ANY low vibration emotion) is OK to feel yet not to live in is important, so you can learn how to appropriately manage and move through that feeling, on your way back up the Scale.

I learned to experience Grief through the loss of my kitty companion, and moved through that experience at my own pace, allowing it all to be OK.  After some time, I was ready to move back up the Emotional Scale to live in my high vibrations again.

By acknowledging and releasing these low vibration emotions, you can begin your ascent up the Emotional Scale. Many people find that anger feels better than despair, and then get stuck in this emotion, allowing it to permeate their life and how they approach people who have hurt them.

Cultivating a Practice of Moving Up The Emotional Scale

Central to your journey is the practice of moving up the Emotional Scale—a guide that illuminates the path from despair to joy.

By consciously choosing higher vibrational states such as optimism, hopefulness, and contentment, you can gradually elevate your emotional frequency and cultivate a greater sense of joy and fulfillment in your life.

Remember, taking baby steps will get you there faster and with more ease, than trying to “jump” up the scale in too many steps.  When you try to move too fast, you haven't built the stability within the emotions to move to the next level, which then sends you crashing down the steps, ending up in the low level you just got yourself out of.

It is important to recognize that hatred, revenge, anger, and blame are  steps UP the Emotional Scale towards hopefulness, contentment, enthusiasm, joy and freedom, and that spending a small amount of time there is all that is necessary to keep moving forward. 

Choose to move past your anger, blame, or frustration and embrace contentment, optimism, and hopefulness so you can feel better and better each day.


At its core, the journey towards Emotional Mastery is a process of letting go—letting go of anger, pain, and the burdens of the past.

It's about recognizing that these emotions are not meant to define you but rather to propel you forward on your path. By embracing the journey with courage and resilience, you can gradually release the grip of despair and step into a brighter, more empowered existence. 

What new Emotion will you commit to embracing and cultivating today?

Comment below and begin your journey of Moving Beyond Adoption through Emotional Mastery!  You can DO THIS!

Look for my last blog on Emotional Mastery coming soon!

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