Shifting Your Mindset from Adoption Trauma to Authentically Thriving

May 9 / Kat Linquist

In the vast landscape of personal development, there's a profound truth that often gets overlooked: Your MINDSET shapes your reality.

This isn't just some catchy phrase; it is a fundamental principle that can radically transform your life.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the journey from Adoption Trauma to Authentically Thriving.

Many people in the Adoption Community are unaware of this concept, and while some people may need a more therapeutic approach, others will greatly benefit from this Pathway, if they are willing to step OUTSIDE the BOX.

You Have the Power to Create
Your Reality

Picture this:    Focus + Energy = Reality.

It's a simple equation with profound implications.
Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows and Where Energy Flows, Reality Grows.

This principle isn't merely a spiritual or metaphysical concept; it's a guiding force in your everyday life. After all, as many spiritual and metaphysical guides teach, "thoughts become things."  And When you Focus on Something you Want, you put your Energy into it.  Spirit or Metaphysical ideas aside.

But what happens when your focus is ensnared by the shadows of Adoption Trauma?

Each time you revisit those negative narratives, it's like retracing the deep rough grooves of a Roman chariot, which when you apply the right Focus and Energy, can become smooth and easy European railways.

The tracks are ingrained, but they're not immutable. They can be repurposed. Similarly, your Adoption Trauma Narrative can be rewritten and transformed.

You can extract wisdom from those experiences and integrate them into your journey toward Authentically Thriving.

Taking Conscious Action is Key

The key lies in a pivotal decision—a decision to change, to thrive. But it's not enough to merely make the decision; action must follow.

Every step, no matter how small, propels you forward on this transformative path. When you consciously redirect your attention from negative thoughts to positive ones, however small or fleeting they may seem, you are rewriting your Adoption Narrative from focusing on the Adoption Trauma, to focusing on Authentically Thriving.  This is one of the first steps.

It helps to breathe deeply and focus your emotional mindset until positivity fills every corner of your consciousness, a few minutes each day.  This helps you to teach your mind and body what Authentically Thriving feels like.

Unfortunately, Your Adoption Trauma Narrative currently runs on Autopilot.

It is the “chariot ruts” in your Subconscious. You probably don’t even realize how DEEP the Narrative runs, and how fully integrated it is into EVERY aspect of your life. 

It determines your emotional reactions to everything, especially Adoption Related.  This is why you continue to feel the weight of the trauma every day.

To begin shifting this, part of the work is recognizing when your Adoption Trauma Narrative is “speaking”. 

This is where Awareness is crucial.  My Adoptee Self Love Mastery Program helps you accelerate this process.

Yet Conscious Action Only Goes so Far...

As you become adept at Consciously shifting your Mindset from Adoption Trauma to Authentically Thriving,  significant changes can occur.  You begin to feel better about yourself, and the better you feel, the more you want to keep creating this feeling.  Remember, Focus + Energy = Reality.

However, change at the Conscious Level can only take you so far.  It gives you some relief, however the truly transformational work and deep changes you are looking for lie deeper inside.

Those Deep Ruts of Adoption Trauma in the Subconscious need to be shifted as well.  It's the "peeling of the onion", opening up each layer one at at time.  The next layer will begin to open up when you are ready to accept it and begin the transformational journey of that layer.

Making the Decision to Shift your Mindset and increase your Awareness of where you currently are is part of Step 1 of the Adoptee Self Love Mastery Program - Reframe Your Mind.

Step 2, Transform Your Heart takes you into the recesses of your Subconscious and Superconscious to turn those rough Chariot Ruts of Adoption Trauma into smooth Tracks of Authentically Thriving. 


As you continue along your Journey, take your time, enjoy each step, each process and remember your Formula: Focus + Energy = Reality.

Keep focused on the Reality you choose about yourself and your adoption narrative, and the relationships you want to have within the Adoption Constellation.  Whether or not you connect well with your birth or adoptive family, it's how you choose to ALLOW the circumstances of those relationships to impact you that makes the difference. 

Your Adoption Trauma has created the Narrative for you that you currently hold... Are you ready to change it?

Yes, as Adoptees we have a different journey of our Traumas and Woundings than others.  For me, I have chosen to embrace this journey rather than resist it.  It's a BIG MINDSHIFT to decide to embrace it.

But please know...
 You are NOT Alone in this Journey.  I’ve done it and continue to walk this Pathway every day!  You can do it too!  I'm here to guide and support you.

So, make the decision today—to rewrite your narrative, reclaim your power, and embrace the boundless potential of Authentically Thriving. After all, your Mindset doesn't just shape your reality; it determines your life's Outcomes.

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