Break Free of the Life Handed to You and BEGIN to Create a Life You Love!

Moving from FOG to Freedom (F2F)  is a Unique and Revolutionary Program designed to help you connect with your Higher Self and the Universe, as you gain Awareness of the FOG, Release the Pain, Transform the Narrative and Become the Powerful Creator you were born to be.

 Understand the Stages of Transformation

This online Program offers a New Focus, New Energy,
 to Create a New Reality, so you can love the life you live,
rather than dread the life you have been handed.
Become the Architect, Builder and Caretaker of your New Life!

Stage 1:  Awareness 

As Adoptees move out of the FOG, they enter the first stage, AWARENESS.  They are more aware of their Adoption Trauma, and of the life experiences they have had as a result of that internalized Trauma. 

For some this may increase the pain, as they now see more clearly the "injustice" of their life experience.  This Awareness opens the door to rewriting the Adoption Narrative, and Choose to become the Architect of your New Life, seeing and exploring all the wonderful possibilities and choices you desire.

Stage 2:  Releasing

The next stage is to Release the Trauma in a way which is safe, grounded and honors the journey Adoptees are taking in this life.  

Releasing Beliefs, Patterns, Habits and Actions which are rooted in the trauma allows Adoptees to Let Go of the Pain, turn the experiences to Wisdom, and begin creating a Life they Love to live each day.

In the Releasing Process Adoptees also begin to act as the Architect, and begin the process of designing the Life they Love using the Authentic Life Blueprint from which to build their New Life.

Stage 3:  Transforming

Letting Go of the Past opens up space for the New Focus and New Energy needed to Power Up your New Reality. 

This is the Builder Stage, where Adoptees integrate the Authentic Life Blueprint into their life as the structure from which to live by.  Life without intentional structure leaves you vulnerable to living someone else's instructions.

Stage 4:  Becoming

This last stage is where the Adoptee lives the Authentic Life Blueprint without having to "think" about it.  It has become the NEW Life, the NEW Reality.

It also is the stage where Adoptees get to start the cycle over again, because Perspectives have changes, and a New Level of Awareness has opened up.

Life is a JOURNEY, and one which keeps us growing, learning, and moving forward to expand ourselves and the Universe.

Moving From FOG to Freedom: 
The ABC Approach to Creating Your Authentic Life Blueprint

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