Announcing Our Flagship Program!
Moving From FOG to Freedom

STOP Your Past From BEING Your Future!

Moving Beyond Adoption

Are you an Adoptee on a Spiritual Journey? 
Do You Believe in Universal Intelligence
and the Metaphysical Realms?

Are You Seeking Answers about
 Your Purpose
in this Life You Were Handed?

Does "Being Adopted" Feel Like a Life Sentence of
Rejection, Abandonment, and Disconnection?

Would You Like to RELEASE Yourself from the Shackles of Adoption
and Be Free to Live How You Were Intended to Live;  
With Empowered Confidence and Deep Inner Peace?

Let me Guide you to create a New Focus, a New Energy and a
New Reality of how you Think, Feel and Express
Your Adoption Experience, so you can Discover the
Biologically and Energetically

Our Flagship Program is
Unique and Revolutionary

Moving From FOG to Freedom

The ABC Guide to Creating Your Authentic Life Blueprint

For the FIRST TIME EVER, I am going to be teaching a
small, select group of students how to Move Beyond the FOG
and Connect with your True Self,
so you can live a Thriving Life of Freedom you create,
being your authentic self and feeling peace and ease;
knowing you are more than your Adoption Trauma. 

If you have been on a Journey to
Unplug from the FOG and Plug Into Freedom,
and haven't been able to make the shift,
F2F is here for YOU.

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A New Adventure is Dawning for YOU!  Are You Ready to Move From FOG to Freedom?


Finding me and this site is no mere coincidence or accident.  Some would call it Fate, others Intuition. 
I call it Universal Connection.

Just as when you're thinking of someone and they call or text, you have been thinking about, desiring and hoping for someone or something to help you find the answers to your questions...
And Here you ARE!

I am here to be your guide, to help you discover the Truth of Who You REALLY ARE and give you the guidance, information and tools to Move you Beyond Adoption into the Life you are Seeking to Create.

Keep Reading to find out more about how You can Begin this Greatest of Adventures!
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It's Your Time to Shine!

I spent most of my life feeling like I "didn't belong" to my adopted family and that I was "A Mistake" and "Shouldn't Have Been Born".

For the past 10 years I have been on a Journey to discover my true self, and along the way
I found the Answer I was looking for... and it was right inside me all the time! 

It just took the right coach and information to guide me towards this profound connection.

Now, as a Certified Transformation Coach, I use my Intuitive Skills and a set of Proven, Revolutionary Processes based in Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Meditation, and 5000 Year Old Hermetic Principles to help YOU remove Beliefs, Patterns, Habits and Programming which took you out of alignment and created Painful and Negative Experiences.

I guide you to Move Beyond Adoption by developing New Values, Beliefs, Habits, Structure and your Authentic Identity which brings you BACK into ALIGNMENT and allows you to create Empowered Confidence and Deep Inner Peace in your Mind, Heart, and Soul.
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Kat Linquist, Founder
Moving Beyond Adoption &
SELF Academy





The ABC Guide to Creating Your Authentic Life Blueprint

Moving From FOG to Freedom (F2F) is a unique and revolutionary program that draws from the latest in neuroscience breakthroughs, epigenetics, and ancient hermetic principles, as well as Universal Laws and Principles.

F2F provides you with tools, guidance and community support to help you create your own personalized Authentic Life Blueprint so you can be the Powerful Creator you were born to be, living a life you love and sharing the True You with others.

The ABC Guide is a 3 stage process which includes becoming the Architect, Builder and Caretaker of your Authentic Life.

Start Creating a Life you Love today, and Stop Fixing a Life you Don't through Awareness, Releasing, Transforming and Becoming!

What My Clients Say

I was being told I am broken and needed fixing for my entire life. Then I met Kat, and now the way I love and view myself and my life, has changed immensely. She is teaching me how to utilize structure. This structure is giving me vision, alignment, clarity... The work Kat Linquist does is beautiful. Knowing she is lovingly there by my side every step of the process gives me all the more courage to break free from my past and step into my future.

Erin E.

Coaching Client
I had an "Ah-Ha" when I went through the Values Exercise, and realized the values which I held were not going to help me create the relationships I wanted. I was able to choose new values which are now helping me make different decisions and actions to connect with people who are matched with me.

Erica G.

Coaching Client
I couldn't be happier with the coaching and support I received from Kat. She is an incredible teacher, intuitive transformer, and gentle soul. She welcomes and loves everyone, exactly for who they are. My life is infinitely better for having Coach Kat as my mentor and guide!

Rose M.

Coaching Client
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The Guide to Loving Yourself You Have Been Searching For...

Available on Amazon
Kindle and Paperback

Get Ready to Take the Journey of a Lifetime... A Journey to Find, Create, and Love the WHOLE of Who You Really Are.

The Adoptee Self Love Workbook is for anyone ready to Come OUT of the FOG and INTO the Light and Love that is YOU.

Explore Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Become a Powerful Creator, able to Move Beyond Adoption so you can FULLY Enjoy and Love the Life you Live,
Rather than struggle in a Life handed to you by others and circumstances beyond your control.

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