So, How Do You Begin to Come out of the F.O.G.?

Apr 17
My personal journey over the past 10 years of “Becoming Kat” started from a place of making a decision. 

That impactful decision was to end my 25-year abusive and toxic marriage.  I was no longer going to allow anything outside myself to be more powerful than I am.  It was a scary and difficult road in the beginning. 

I have since applied my decision to be powerful to Moving Beyond Adoption.  I no longer allow my Adoption Narrative to be one which has power over me.

Over time and with practice it has become my Superpower and now I live a life I create and love each day.

Making a decision to become Powerful might sound scary to some people.  Empowering to others. 

Some of you are instantly jumping to “How do I do that? Or “How will that impact my relationships?” Or perhaps, “I’m too broken to be powerful.”

When making a decision of this magnitude, I find it best to focus on the decision itself, and not on “What or How” that decision will play out. 

The What and How creates part of the overwhelm. When you focus on the decision and feeling into the power of your choice, then you can begin to let other things go. 

The decision and the feelings go hand in hand to move the Universe into action, bringing to you the next steps. One of my Favorite “spiritual teachers”, Mike Dooley says, Let Go of the Cursed Hows… and Focus on your END Results. 

In fact, many of my spiritual teachers talk about holding your END Results in your heart, feeling them as true, as completed, as “already happened”, and LETTING Go of the EXPECTATION that it Will Happen, or happen in the way you see it.

A saying I wrote in 2020 has become my life’s compass

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows, and Where Energy Flows, Reality Grows.

To stop the overwhelm of the FOG, it starts with your Focus on the Decision of Being Powerful. You may not FEEL powerful right now, but you can DECIDE to BE and Feel powerful.

The word Decide means to “Cut Off” everything else that is not important.  And WHO chooses what is important?  You, and only You.

So much of your power was taken away in your Adoption experience.  It’s time to take it back. It’s time to DECIDE to be Powerful and Move Beyond Adoption.  

Bask in the joy of knowing you made a new decision and how good that feels.  There is more to come in learning to LIVE Out of the FOG!

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