HELP! Coming out of the F.O.G. is Overwhelming!

Apr 15
Imagine living your life in a dimly lit Glass Cave, where the somewhat opaque glass walls around you separate you from the outside world. 

While you can sort of “see” the world, it is distorted and muffled, you were conditioned to stay within the confines of the Glass Cave and it became your Point of View. 

You accepted it as “What Is”. Even as you grew older, the shadows and walls of the Glass Cave followed you, keeping you from seeing the world from your own point of view.  You were shrouded in the FOG, living inside it and only able to understand the world from that limited perspective.

Bit by bit, you began to venture outside, and each time you did, the Glass began to crack.  The view was becoming broken, and you needed to see more clearly... 

Then, one day you wake up and realize you are no longer
in the Glass Cave!  

The Light is SO bright, the sounds SO loud, the intensity of the new experience is completely overwhelming your senses! 

It is hard to concentrate, to recognize and hear your thoughts, and ohhh the EMOTIONS you are feeling…the pain, the anger, the shame, the guilt, all seem to drown you.  A part of you yearns to retreat to the familiar shadows and walls of the Glass Cave, yet another part of you KNOWS that the Cave no longer is the right place for you to live. 

And retreat is not an option… The Glass Cave has shattered. This new place you find yourself is completely unfamiliar and uncomfortable, and you have no map to navigate from. 

Perhaps you feel like you have been dropped in the middle of a foreign city, not knowing the language, the culture, with no sense of direction about where to go.  This creates internal chaos, insecurity, and you feel stuck, unsure how to get what you need. It’s hard to get your bearings without a guide.

I see many people in the Adoption Community who are struggling to find a way to live in the Light, still driven in part by the FOG, the Fear, Obligation and Guilt, as you try to navigate and understand your own feelings, while also trying to make connections with your Biological Families with the hope that you will find Peace and Wholeness in that process. (Which unfortunately, many don’t)

Then there is becoming aware of your Adoption Trauma, Abuses, or Unhealthy relationships which all seem to comingle in the Adoption Constellation. 

WOW!  It’s just Overwhelming! 

Even if you have a good relationship with Adoptive or Biological family, it can still be challenging. This Overwhelm becomes your new Glass Cave and perhaps without knowing it, you feel so stuck that you just resign that THIS is how you are going to live out the rest of your life. 

Still hoping and searching for relief, for help with coping and managing this new existence. I want you to know, this doesn’t have to be your “new existence”.  This is just an adjustment period, so you can begin to get yourself grounded and begin building a New Foundation for your life. 

If you Keep Focused on Moving Beyond Adoption, you will.  Step by Step along this Journey of Life as an Adopted Person.  You are on a Journey to discover and create Peace, Love, and Alignment with both the Physical and Spiritual / Energetic aspects of you. 

THAT is the WHOLE of who you are. 

Being Adopted is a part of you, NOT the WHOLE you, and one that you are reframing into a smaller role.

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