The Revolutionary Pathway of Emotional Mastery: Liberating Adoptees from Trauma

May 2 / Kat Linquist

Coming Out of the FOG can land you in the emotional muck and mire of facing your Adoption Trauma without an instruction manual or guidance! 

It can be an uncomfortable or even scary place to find yourself.  I see so many people in this exact place… and I’m here to tell you - there is HOPE!

Having a step-by-step guide to Letting Go of Your Adoption Trauma can feel like discovering a hidden treasure map to Inner Freedom.

It's a journey that transcends the conventional narratives of Fixing Yourself by embracing the revolutionary notion of Creating Yourself anew.

When I walked away from my 25-year abusive marriage, I was determined to start myself again; to find the Truth about Kat. 

Along the way, with a variety of teachers, spiritual guides, and coaches, I have been able to shift from needing to Fix myself and my Trauma (I’m not Broken and neither are YOU!) into becoming a Powerful Creator, capable of making clear and direct choices about how I want to live my life, physically, energetically, and emotionally.

It took a lot of trial and error, a lot of reading, listening, journaling, contemplation and shifting my long-held beliefs and perspectives about a LOT of things.  

This is why I am sharing my journey with you, so hopefully you can gain insights, wisdom, and guidance which will make your journey smoother, easier, and take less time than mine has.  

So, let's embark on this transformative odyssey of redefining and releasing Trauma,  and where empowerment, autonomy, and self-discovery await you at every turn...

Taking Back Your Power

For many Adoptees, the journey begins with reclaiming your power – power over your emotions, your narratives, and ultimately, your life.

Adoption trauma often leaves a profound sense of powerlessness in its wake, as you struggle under the weight of relinquishment, loss, abuse and many other unwanted or painful experiences.  These have different levels of impact for each Adoptee.

Learning Emotional Mastery offers you a lifeline, empowering you to reclaim sovereignty over your own narratives. It's about shifting from victimhood to agency, from uncertain chaos to grounded resilience. This seems to be a RADICAL concept in the Adoption community. 

Yes, we are victims of a terrible system, however we do not need to LIVE as victims to create and advocate for a better world for families and children, especially your own. You are allowed and deserve to live with Peace, Love, Alignment, Agency, and Empowerment.

Through introspection, self-reflection, guidance, support, and self-care practices, you can dismantle the shackles of your past and step into the fullness of your power and your future.

Making Your Own Decisions

Central to the journey of Emotional Mastery is the liberation to make your own decisions – decisions rooted not in the FOG or trauma, but in Authenticity and Self-awareness.

For many Adoptees, this often means navigating the complexities of identity formation amidst a backdrop of ambiguity and uncertainty.  

Through the art of Emotional Mastery, you can cultivate the clarity and confidence to chart your own course. It's about honoring the wisdom of your intuition, trusting in your inherent worthiness, and embracing the freedom to shape your own destiny.

As I stated in another Blog, your Journey begins with a Decision to Move Beyond Adoption and stop allowing your Past to determine Your Future.  You are a powerful being.  You came to live in this human experience with purpose. 

Decide you are ready to let go of whatever has been, so you can become what you were born to Be, whether you know your purpose yet or not.

Blending Your Physical and Spiritual Selves

At the heart of Emotional Mastery lies the integration of the physical and spiritual selves – a harmonious union of body, mind, and soul. For Adoptees, this integration can be particularly transformative, offering a pathway to reconcile the fragmented pieces of your identity.  

Most people “forget” they are an Energetic or Spiritual self, but with Kept individuals they begin their Spiritual Self journey “knowing” who they are in the Physical Realm.  Adoptees have an added layer of “discovery” for who you are both Physically and Spiritually.

Allow yourself grace and honor the tangible realities of your lived experiences while also embracing the eternal depths of your spiritual essence.

Through practices like mindfulness, meditation, and embodiment exercises, you can cultivate a sense of wholeness that transcends the confines of your past traumas.  Working with a Spiritual or Transformational Coach or Guide can also be very helpful to give you the structure needed to create a strong and lasting practice.

When you choose to focus on connecting with and growing your Spiritual Self, you experience solace and grounding which can assist you on your journey of discovering your Physical Self and help prepare you for the outcome of that journey.

A Revolutionary Pathway for Adoptees

Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of Emotional Mastery is its rejection of the paradigm of Fixing yourself in favor of the paradigm of Creating Yourself.

For Adoptees, this shift in perspective is nothing short of radical
, offering a powerful antidote to the pervasive culture of pathology and deficiency. It's about recognizing that Letting Go of Your Adoption Trauma is not about dissecting, analyzing, labeling, erasing, or denying your past, but rather, rewriting, embracing and integrating it as a vital part of your journey toward self-actualization.  

Through Emotional Mastery, you learn to Let Go of the Pain associated with your Trauma or Memories and integrate the experiences as wisdom which guides you forward. 
You get to rewrite Your Adoption script or narrative as you transform your Past to be guidance into your Future.

You are Not Broken.  Adoption Didn’t Break You.  It handed you a set of experiences and circumstances which cause you trauma. 

YOU are NOT your Trauma.

Gabor Maté states: “Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you as a result of what happened to you.” (click for video)

Emotional Mastery helps you release “what happens inside you” so you can live with and from Peace, Love, and Alignment.

The pathway of Emotional Mastery represents a revolutionary paradigm shift for Adoptees – one that transcends the limitations of traditional therapeutic approaches and empowers YOU to become the architect of your own destiny.

By reclaiming your power, making your own decisions, blending your physical and spiritual selves, and embracing the transformative power of creation, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery and liberation that transcends the shackles of your past traumas.

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