How Does Coming Out of the F.O.G. Benefit Me?

Apr 7 / Kat Linquist
When I started my Self Love Journey, I wasn’t even focused on my Adoption “issues” or realize how DEEPLY my Adoption had impacted my life.  I had lived my life DEEP in the FOG! For me, coming out of the FOG was a very gradual process, with my focus mostly on how to move forward after ending my 25-year abusive marriage.  I was on a journey to “Find Kat”, but still didn’t see my adoption as “a big issue”. I was just tired of living my life being what others wanted me to be. This slow process ended abruptly during a Transformational Coaching Session in early 2020 where I was prompted by my intuition about a long standing belief I didn’t know I held…I was a Mistake and should NEVER have been born.  (Knife to heart!)  During the Transformational Session, this belief was released in a torrent of tears and cleared away the first layers of the FOG so I could begin to see things more clearly.  Since that session, I have been on my journey of incorporating my Metaphysical and Universal learnings to help me reframe, transform and liberate myself from my “Adoption Narratives” and become a powerful creator, capable of living in Peace, Love and Alignment with who I am. As you come out of the FOG, there are both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself which will be revealed, uncovered, or discovered along the way.  The biggest Benefit, as I see it, it you GET to BECOME YOU.  Not who you were raised to be, told to be, expected to be, or hoped to be. You have the opportunity to step forward and Move Beyond Adoption in a way you may never have imagined before.

Here are 6 ways “Coming Out of the F.O.G.” Benefits You.

Clarity and Self-Understanding:
Coming out of the FOG allows adoptees to gain clarity about your identity and how your life experiences have been shaped by your adoption narratives and experiences.

You can better understand complex and sometimes repressed feelings you may have been carrying due to your adoption, such as abandonment, rejection, lack of trust, or confusion, and how these influence and impact your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Opening up to see yourself from a new perspective is best experienced when you include introspection, meditation, journaling or creating private recordings about what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing.  This allows you to look back on your journey and see the progress you make.

Through this exploration, adoptees can gain insights into how your adoption has shaped your identity, relationships, and worldview. By understanding yourself more fully, adoptees can navigate life with greater confidence and authenticity.  

Self-Love, Compassion and Acceptance:
Coming out of the FOG often involves a deep exploration of one's own emotions, experiences, and identity. This journey towards self-awareness can foster a profound sense of self-love and acceptance for adoptees.

By acknowledging and validating your own feelings and experiences, you learn to embrace all aspects of yourself, including your adoption story. This self-acceptance is the foundation of self-love, allowing adoptees to recognize your inherent worth and value as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Many Adoptees carry deep feelings of shame, guilt, or inadequacy as a result of their adoption experiences or the societal stigma surrounding adoption. Coming out of the FOG involves practicing self-compassion and forgiveness towards oneself.

Having a guide or framework helps you learn to love yourself, and treat yourself with kindness and understanding.  It is important to recognize you are deserving of love and compassion, regardless of your past or circumstances. Through this practice of self-compassion and forgiveness, adoptees can release the burden of self-blame and cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace and wholeness.  

Breaking free from the FOG empowers adoptees to acknowledge and validate your own experiences, emotions, and needs.

It enables you to assert your own identity and make choices that align with your true selves, rather than feeling obligated to fulfill the expectations or wishes of others.

Adoptees can learn to take control of your own narrative and advocate for your needs. Instead of feeling trapped by feelings of obligation or guilt, you can assert your autonomy and make choices that align with your values and desires.

This sense of empowerment leads to greater self-confidence and resilience, as adoptees learn to trust your intuition and prioritize your own well-being.  

Healthy Relationships:
When adoptees are no longer controlled by Fear, Obligation, or Guilt in your relationships, you can establish healthier boundaries and communicate more effectively.

This can lead to more authentic connections with family members, friends, and romantic partners, based on mutual respect and understanding.

Adoptees who have come out of the FOG are better equipped to establish and maintain healthy relationships with others.

By setting clear boundaries and communicating openly about your needs and emotions, you can foster relationships built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding, and allow them to grow and unfold in a more natural organic way.

This can lead to deeper connections with family members, friends, and romantic partners, as you feel secure in expressing your authentic self.  

Transformation and Growth:
Coming out of the FOG is a crucial step in transforming your Adoption Narrative from one handed to you, to one you Create for yourself.

It allows you to confront and address unresolved issues related to your adoption, which can lead to emotional mastery and personal growth.

By processing your emotions and experiences in a healthy way, adoptees can Move Beyond Adoption with greater resilience and confidence.

Coming out of the FOG is a transformative journey of personal growth for adoptees. By releasing emotions related to adoption which keep you stuck in the trauma and pain, adoptees can begin to grow from within, connecting with their Higher Self, Source Energy, or Intuition.  

As adoptees learn to embrace your past and integrate it into your sense of self, you can experience profound emotional healing and emerge stronger and more resilient than before.  

Advocacy and Awareness:
Adoptees who have come out of the FOG may become advocates for yourself and others within the adoption community. You can raise awareness about the emotional complexities of adoption, advocate for adoptee rights, and work towards creating more supportive environments for adoptees to thrive.

You may feel compelled to advocate and speak out about issues such as access to birth records, the need for post-adoption support services, or the importance of adoptee rights.

By sharing your own experiences and raising awareness about the complexities of adoption, your advocacy can help create more inclusive and supportive environments for adoptees to thrive.

Your advocacy efforts can also contribute to broader social change and a greater understanding of adoption's impact on individuals and families.

Overall, coming out of the FOG can be a transformative and empowering journey for adoptees, enabling them to live more authentic, fulfilling lives and contribute positively to their own well-being and the adoption community as a whole. 

Look for my next blog: HELP! Coming out of the FOG is Overwhelming!

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